Performers enter on SE 6th Avenue.

Event Location
AFRU gallery
534 SE Oak St
Portland, OR 972174
Show Hours
6pm Oct 7 through 6pm Oct 8, 2023
Minors not allowed from 10PM to 10AM
Limited admission from 2AM to 8AM


Use the contact form above. We will reach out with clarification and further specifics. Please refer to our direct communications & not this website because things may change as the day approaches!! Here’s what you need to know. Your point of contact is Luke Strahota. Luke will ensure you have a definitive arrival, load in, and start time.

There are no (zero, nada, zip, none at all) gaps between bands. Our goal is while one band plays, a second band is set up and ready to take over as soon as the first band stops. This is why we have conductors to cue each band with hand signals. There will be no dead air.
Performers do their own version of the song Louie Louie. At minimum the song performed has to be true to the chorus chord structure and the chorus wording: stick with the chords of the chorus and stick with the words chorus. You may change the key & riff on the theme musically and vocally.
There will be no sound checks, we may accommodate minimal line checks by special request (if you need this option please note another band will be playing through their assigned time while we line check so it will only be to confirm audio is happening not for tone or quality. Please be prepared to perform for the entire duration of your time slot (s). 
“Performance” includes vocalizations, rhythmic patterns, percussion, chords, singing, spoken word, etc. Please include the chorus notes and words. For the verses and solo, you may reimagine and flow.